About the Band

Frenetic energy, dynamism and sensitivity, intuition and professionalism. 

Year after year of sold-out shows everywhere from the Clubs to Budapest Sport Arena.

All of this applies when we are talking about this band.

In 2016 Quimby, is probably one of the most popular and most galvanizing alternative rock bands.

On Facebook the band has over 250 000 fans, the videos on You Tube have more than 15 millions views. They packed the Budapest Sport Arena with a crowd of 12 000+, (celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2011), a feat never before achived by an act in this genre –Mind you, in a country of only 10 million people.

It has been 25 years since Quimby first burst out of their rehearsal room in Dunaujvaros, Central Hungary. Since then, their pulse-pumpin’ music spread far and wide; not only have they conquered the capital, Budapest, but step by step the entire country and Europe has learned what a real Quimby concert means. The six of them (Tibor Kiss - vocals, guitar; Livius Varga - vocals, percussion; Szilard Balanyi: keys, back-up vocals, percussion; Dodi Karpati - trumpet, keys, back-up vocals; Ferenc Mikuli
- bass; Ferenc Gerdesits - drums, mandolin) have released fourteen vivid LP-s so far, making a unique mark in the Hungarian music scene.
Quimby’s music ranges from meaningful and richly visualized lyrics, to reinvented chansons, guitar hits and wild psychedelic tunes. Apart from music you can't put in a box, their one-off concerts with electrifying energy have made them one of the biggest bands in Hungary. In recent years, they have risen to legendary status and become unstoppable. Year after year, they keep challenging themselves giving secret festival gigs, creating sold out shows in the club scene and Budapest Sport Arena’s big hall. In 2016, the band turned 25: all grown up, focusing on the future. So far, the anniversary has brought a new rehearsal room/studio and a tribute album with 16 contributors. This year’s festival season will be richer too, showcasing newly published tracks and more than forty updated songs. In November,
Quimby will release their newest studio album and stage a big concert that takes viewers back through decades. Their dynamism, thoughtfulness, intuition, and professionalism tells audiences: the best is yet to come. 
This period is free and liberating. We jump into darkness. Not everything will be a success the first
time around. We always think about how to keep things interesting for us as well. Maybe this way, we won’t get lost. 
Tibi Kiss, December 2015,
“It’s good if (…) we don’t lose spontaneity. There will be time when our hair will be all grey – but we will want to make music anyway.”
Livius Varga, December 2015,